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 total FoW noob

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PostSubject: total FoW noob   total FoW noob EmptySun 19 Aug - 12:02

Being an "old" man, stepping out of life-long fantasy rpg, returning to my teen interest (i.e. WWII) I found FoW very appealing to my hobbying needs (xcept maybe the painting part ) and so I enlarged my knowlegde ofthe game.
At this point I should decide which army to start with and so I was wondering what armies others play with and also what scale, meaning, company lvl or larger?
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PostSubject: Re: total FoW noob   total FoW noob EmptyTue 28 Aug - 0:05

Hello Gerion,

Players usually play at company level... but somme big battles are sometimes run.
The last one was about Prokorowka, 2x 10.000 pts.

Actually, the forum is sleeping. Some players went towards other games
and some others seem to have forgotten the forum... but maybe it's just
a time of rest for the pack ;-)

Anyway... welcome on board, sir !

"Arrête avec tes ondes négatives" (De l'or pour les braves)
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total FoW noob
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